Thursday, August 19, 2010

So Long, Maple Valley

Our moments in Maple Valley have come to an end. We enjoyed six wonderful years in the 'yellow house' and it was hard to say goodbye. We are thankful for great memories with dear friends and our precious family. It is especially hard for me because this is the place where the boys began their lives. Even though Luke was born in Oregon, we moved in when he was a newborn. This was their home. But, the adventures continue and we are slowly adjusting to east coast living. You can follow us once again at our new blog:

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Eli's Baptism

Not long ago, Steve and I were struggling with the decision to have a third child. He met with Pastor Mark for breakfast at the local greasy spoon (Gloria's). We're sure glad they had that talk! We jokingly refer to Pastor Mark as being partly responsible for Eli.
Another family had their precious little boys baptized, as well. Sergei and Ivan were recently adopted from Russia. Very, very cute!

The big brothers behaved so well.

Eli was totally mellow, never made a peep. Right after lunch, I was changing his diaper and noticed a mysterious rash on his lower leg. I googled it and found it to be a rash worthy of a trip to urgent care. My parents stayed with the boys and Steve and I raced to the Pediatrician. I thought it looked like purpura, which is indicative of an infection. But his CBC was normal and he appears otherwise healthy. We were sent home. Whew! I was not looking forward to spending the night at Children's Hospital. Mr. Mellow ended up having a very memorable baptism.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day Out With Thomas

We took the boys to see Thomas the Train in Snoqualmie today. I thought it didn't quite live up to the hype, but they seemed to have a good time. I imagined a little more quality time with our favorite little blue train, but he was being a Very Useful Engine, hauling people back and forth all day. Which is why I didn't take his picture.
The boys thought the store packed full of train stuff was totally awesome. We managed to get out with only two small trains.

Eli was awesome once again! He naps wherever, whenever and never cried about being dragged all over creation. He fell asleep right after I took his picture and slept through the whole ride.
Our window was wide open and the boys enjoyed the view. The tracks aren't used much anymore so the blackberry bushes are sort of taking over. Andy wanted to ride with his head hanging out the window but the conductor told him he couldn't. Just when he pulled his head back inside, the bushes poked through the window.

This was the view from Steve and Eli's seat. I was glad I wasn't part of the crew that built the railroad tracks on the side of the mountain. Good grief. It went straight down. I noticed the moms and dads who weren't fond of heights scooted back from the windows. Yikes!
A local musician named Eric Ode was performing. He handed out "shakers" and the boys danced for a few minutes. I always wanted to hear him sing and today was my lucky day. He also sang the Itsy, Bitsy Spider, which is currently our family's favorite tune.

Monday, July 12, 2010

We (Were) Feelin' Hot! Hot! Hot!

Summer blasted us with record high temperatures last week. In an effort to keep cool, the boys spent several evenings having water fights with Steve. No, those aren't pesticides, either. We've found these containers to be a little more resilient than the average water gun...and a lot more fun, too.
The ice cream truck conveniently rolls through the neighborhood every afternoon, just before dinner. Occasionally I succumb to the begging and pleading (or the peer pressure of our neighbors) and buy Andy the largest rocket-shaped popsicle ever created.
Luke says the sno-cone is his new favorite

Say, "FD & C red dye # 5!"

Eli makes this face whenever the camera comes out. A bit of a ham, perhaps?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Let's Talk About Me

I recently celebrated the fourth anniversary of my 30th birthday. My wish list was short, but 'funny cake' from Grandma Nancy's kitchen was my first request...
...wouldn't be a birthday without counting my blessings so let's start with this little guy. Although his prodigious noggin confounds the physician, it just makes me smile. We are so glad Eli is part of our lives. He truly completes the family and we are grateful.

The story of my life: 3 pairs of extra hands involved in every activity. The second item on my list was a Kindle. I am a gadget girl at heart and have drooled over Dad's since Christmas.

Although some might call this a 'blooper' it couldn't be a more accurate snapshot of us:
Steve and I smiling for the camera while wrangling our posse, Luke is distracted by his new Lego catalog off-camera, Eli is as mellow as can be and Andy is laughing with delight.

Finally! An excellent picture of Papa holding Eli. Hooray! I've waited and waited to add this shot to my collection.
Thanks, family! It was a fun day. I am so blessed.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Bikes and Bubbles

Preparing for a little practice riding sans training wheels. Our neighbor zipped by without her training wheels this afternoon. I think it annoyed Luke a little bit that a girl was "ahead" of him. But he took it all in stride and happily went for a spin. I ran alongside, awkwardly supporting his seat and yelling encouragement. I am definitely a mom.
Andy wanted all of his safety equipment on for 3.5 seconds to pose for a picture. Then he wanted me to take it all off again. This child is so "me" it's almost scary. He adores this jeep, by the way.
Quite possibly the best hand-me-down toy we ever received.

I tried to get Andy to ride Luke's other bike with the training wheels. He refused to pedal. When he sits on his tiny little trike, he won't pedal either. He scoots around with his feet.

We are totally exhausted by Friday afternoon. I'm so glad the bikes and the giant bubbles kept them entertained.

Trying to capture a giant bubble on the wand.
Can't believe we are still wearing sweatpants on the 25th of June.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One Week Down...How Many Left?

We have successfully completed our first week of summer vacation. The rain finally stopped and we were able to get outside. We spent most of Friday morning at our favorite park.
I've often wondered if I should capitalize on Luke's love of learning by implementing some informal "lessons" this summer. Nothing fancy, nothing official, just the basics. Well, the boys took matters into their own hands at the park. They love taking their hot wheels cars to the top of the twisty slide. This often leads to a confrontation as one boy climbs up and one boy climbs down. I'm glad I was standing there because suddenly there was a gasp and Andy was falling off the top of the slide. Luke grabbed his foot and I caught the rest of him before he hit the ground. An excellent lesson in basic physics, I suppose.

Steve took the boys to our local fire station for an "open house" on Saturday. They loved it! Luke got to dress up and use the fire hose. They also learned how to safely exit a house when there is smoke in your room. I stayed home with Eli, but I hear the whole event was a big hit.
We went to Eatonville to visit Papa Dave and Grandma Nancy for Father's Day. I have taken a picture of Steve with the boys every Father's Day out on the deck. However, it was pouring buckets so we opted for the couch. Andy is proudly displaying his craft project from Sunday school. Eli is in the way, but Steve is wearing his paper tie that Luke made for him at school.